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 German TT 2006

German TT, on the historic Schleizer „Triangle“ Racetrack, founded 1923 and it is the oldest natural German Racetrack what’s still in use. Our 2006 season was from the point of ranking more or less a disaster till now. In the Thunder B.E.A.R.S Competition we start with a major engine splash of our last year 2005 shortstroke 1200cc tubeframe engine and at the Festival Italia we lost an XB engine and two bikes in crashes, one crash was for our rider Holger Turni so serious that he was flied out by helicopter, but he come okay again. We took Points and Podiums here an there, but our idea for 2006 was something different.End of last season we closed with our Tubeframer “Boyracer” the gap to the 2 the class leading Ducati and Moto Guzzi and the plan was to win the Thunder B.E.A.R.S. championship in 2006. But not much things are more incalculable than racing…..We had the 2006 new Bike “Thors Hammer” ready to race, but after the engine splashed at the first race weekend, we needed months to get a XL case that matches our needs. Meanwhile we raced a mild tuned engine out of a 96 S1 Streetbike. But in any catastrophe is something positive, after concentrating in 2005 on the engine, the circumstances press us in 2006 to work hard on chassis, and driveability. After 6 month hard work we meet now our 2005laptimes with more than 20 Horsepower less. We changed geometry, suspension, tyres, found a setup for all of that and we developed also for the old XL engine a slipperclutch. Never we had invested so much time without that lack of enginepower and never we learned so much in so short time.The new M-TeK engine will be not ready before Biketoberfest, so for the Germann TT the old Lightning engine had to make it one last time. Weather was reported sunny and we had because of noise regulations  only on  Saturday 1 free practice and 2 qualifying  sessions. At the first stint the bike start to loose very much oil from the rear rockerbox. After the bike came in we changed the gaskets and sent it 2h later out with rider Tommy Schuler for the first qualifying session, what he finished 3rd. Bike starts again leaking oil in the second session but we speed up and got the second place overall and lost the first time this season the Ducati behind us. The leading Moto Guzzi in front of us was in the corners constantly slower than the Buell, but on the straights our bike was too underpowered to go over. After this great qualifying result we strip down again the rearcylinder and found that the rockerbox was twisted (?) and the new gasket was not ready to seal it against the head. A big load of engine silicone was the solution for this never before seen problem. At the Sundaymorning warm up all was fine and we were looking very positive to  the afternoon Thunder B.E.A.R.S race hoping to get the Guzzi of rider Holger Aue and stay in front of Ralf Schädels Ducati. Not much later it starts to rain heavily….. and what we don’t had was a rain setup. What we had was a set of Pirelli Raintyres, not the best choice for heavy rain… and of course experience from the past with the old geometry. So we adjust the suspension to general raincondition and sent the bike to the start. Tommy got a good start and hold the 2nd, but in the first corner the Ducati pass him. The rider have done in a different class the race before and was knowing very well what speed his tyres are able to go in that heavy rain. So Ducatirider Ralf Schädel finished first, before Moto Guzzirider Holger Aue and Tommy Schuler on the Hillbilly-Motors Buell finished third. For the last race at Biketoberfest the new engine will be ready and that package will be hard to beat –we hope…. 

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