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In 1998 Erik Buell start a new chapter with announcing the Buell Thunderstorm Technologies(TM). This new Enginconcept had rised the Power of the Buell Tubeframers up to 100 HP. In that time for a Harley based Roadengine  an amazing Power. To give that evolution the right presentation the company announches the Buell S1 White Lightning(TM), a special all white model of the unforgetable S1.
Thanx toTom Matzerath

The XB 12 Allwhite
Now, eight years later, another Allwhite Bike is out. A dream in white paint and blue anodised aluminium. Traditional wirewheels in combination with state of the art wavediscbrakes connecting the good old times with the progress of todays constructions. The XB Allwhite Custombike is a full EU roadlegal in all components TÜV approved construction.

Alpina Raggi made exvlusive for Hillbilly-Motors this breathtaking tubeless wirewheels. You can choose any colorcombinations of anodising, also polishing is available. The wheels accept the stock brake- and pulley components and they are DOT/TÜV approved.

The brandnew Termignoni TÜV approved slipons setting a new standard for roadlegal exhausts. The XB 12 Termignoni keeps the Buell active exhaust system for maximum midrange torque. The quietinserts are removable , the canisters came in Aluminium or Titanium. Also available in full titanium.

Our 2006 BKG triples are still made in finest aircraft aluminium in a hard to beat detail quality. New is from now that all Triples are ready to accept a frontmountingkit for the steeringdamper. All BKG Parts are still to order in any anodising color of your choiche. With TÜV. For XB R and S also with Clipons.

The full adjustable BKG Fotpegs are the finest system on market money can buy. The two excenters offering a wide range for the Riders individual adjustment. Also the Levers ar multiple adjustable. Milled in a perfect shape out of highest grade aircraftaluminium we deliver this dream in any anodising color. Comes with TÜV.

P-form make for us this great looking preload adjusters. Its a piece of art milled out of a full block of aircraft aluminium. Adjust your frontfork preloads without tools at any time when you are riding. We deliver this fine pieces in blue, silver and black. With confied 29mm handlebars make sure that you have enough clearences.

The Braking Wavediscs are a cool looking alternative for all Buell XB Bikes. Good Look and a very good brake performance is a hard to beat combination. TÜV and DOT approved. Available for front and rear all XB models.

The “Speed” Tailinsert Kit comes with white or red LED TÜV approved Taillight. You can choose now the licenceplate holder in stainless steel natural or in black wrinklefinish powdercoated.

We would like to point out that the Names of Buell™ and Harley-Davidson™, EVO™, Evolution™, Sportster™, V-Rod™, TwinCam™, Ulysses™, Firebolt™, Lightning, White Lightning™ as well as many other trademarks and logos are mentioned on our pages are the property of the respective companys and they are used from us in the acception of their rights only to precise the usability of our offers . We are not an authorized Dealer of Buell™ or Harley-Davidson™. All content , pictures, design and the sitectructure of thisWebsite stand under our copyrights.