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The Buell™ XB RR Chassis

The XB RR frame is a crossbread of a R model 21 degree steeringhead and sS/Ulysses

sidepieces for maximum fuelcapacity. The subframe is a modified R model one.

The wheels are casted in super lightweight magnesium. Rear is a 5.75” 6 spoke to accept the

190/55 tire. The 6 spoke frontwheel is 3.5” wide for a 120/70 fronttire.

The frameside fillerneck can be equipped with a conventionel cap or with a valvecap to feed the

fueltank by a qicktank device used for endurance or the FX races at the Daytona 200.

The swingarm is a modified 2006 OEM style converted to chaindrive.

Pictures: Courtesy of Liberty Buell, Rahawy, NJ, thanx Chris!

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