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The Buell™ XB RR Database

MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price USA (1) $30,995

Presented January 23, 2006                        Metric Database here >>>>

First Race:
Overall Length 76.2 inches 
Overall Width 28.2 inches 
Ground Clearance 4.35 inches 
Rake/Trail 21 degrees/3.4 inches 
Wheelbase (2) 51.8 – 53.8 inches 
Swingarm Length 18.7 inches 
Seat Height 30.5 inches 
Footpeg Height 16.0 inches 
Handlebar Height 33.1 inches 
Steering Stem to Seat Center 26.0 inches 
Oil Capacity 5.0 quarts 
Fuel Capacity 4.4 gallons 
Dry Weight 362 pounds 
Engine Configuration 45-degree V-Twin, 4-stroke 
Engine Displacement 1340 cc 
Engine Cooling Forced Air/Oil 
Compression Ratio 12.5:1 
Combustion Chamber Design Bathtub/Hemi 
Valves Per Cylinder 2 
Bore x Stroke 4.080 x 3.125 inches 
Peak Horsepower (3) 150 @ 8000 rpm 
Peak Torque (3) 100 ft. lbs. @ 6500 rpm 
Engine Redline 8500 rpm 
Valve Angle (Included) 20 degrees Intake/ 25 degrees Exhaust (45 degrees) 
Combustion Chamber Volume 58 cc 
Valvetrain Type OHV, two valves per cylinder, self adjusting 
Valve Adjustment Interval Self-adjusting 
Intake Valve Diameter 57.15 mm 
Exhaust Valve Diameter 44.45 mm 
Intake Valve Stem Diameter 8.0 mm 
Exhaust Valve Stem Diameter 8.0 mm 
Fuel Delivery System Dual 62 mm downshaft throttle bodies, DDFI III 
Throttle Body Venturi Size 62 mm 
Air Filter Type None 
Exhaust System Type WAVE-analyzed header and mass centralized muffler complying with 105-dB AMA noise rules 
Ignition System Digital Electric 
Lubrication System Dry Sump 
Transmission Type Gorilla: 5-speed, Close-ratio, with concentric input and output shafts, straight-cut gears 
Clutch Type Wet, multi-plate, compensated 
Clutch Actuation System Cable 
Clutch Spring Type Diaphragm 
Number Of Clutch Springs 1 
Number Of Clutch Plates 15 
Drive Plates 8 
Driven Plates 7 
Primary Drive Triplex Chain 
Primary Drive Gear Teeth (Ratio) 34/57 (1.676:1) 
Final Drive Sprocket Teeth (Ratio) 20/49 (2.450:1) 
Transmission Overall Ratios 
5th 2.191 
4th 1.745 
3rd 1.364 
2nd 1.158 
1st 1.000 
Theoretical Speed In Gears At Redline 
5th 154 mph 
4th 131 mph 
3rd 111 mph 
2nd 89 mph 
1st 71 mph 
Engine Speed At 60 mph 3345 rpm 
Frame Design (Material) Aluminum frame with Uniplanar™ powertrain vibration isolation system, fuel in frame design 
Front Brakes Zero Torsional Load (ZTL2) type reversed rotor clamped by 8-piston Nissin caliper with racing pads, 14.7 inch inverted single disc 
Rear Brake 9.05 inch twin-piston, Nissin Caliper 
Front Forks Ohlins Inverted, Cartridge 
Fork Tube Diameter 43 mm 
Fork Adjustments 
Rebound Damping 12 Positions (Clicks) 
Compression Damping 10 Positions (Clicks) 
Spring Preload 10 mm Range 
Front Wheel Travel 4.72 inches 
Rear Wheel Travel 5.00 inches 
Rear Suspension Type Ohlins Single Shock 
Rear Shock Adjustments 
Rebound Damping 15 Positions (Clicks) 
Compression Damping 14 Positions (Clicks) 
Spring Preload 20 mm Range 
Front Wheel 3.50 x 17.0-inch Cast Magnesium 
Rear Wheel 5.75 x 17.0-inch Cast Magnesium 
Front Tire 120/70R-17 
Rear Tire 190/55R-17 
INSTRUMENTS Tachometer, indicator lamps for shift, power on, and low oil pressure 
COLORS Buell Racing Paint Scheme 

POWER REDUCTION KIT To accommodate eligibility in a wide variety of racing classes, an engine modification kit will be available to conform the XBRR to a wide range of class regulations.

It is illegal for anyone to ride this motorcycle on public roads. This motorcycle may only be usedon closed courses. We reserve the right to discontinue models or change specifications at any time without incurring obligations. Vehicle and accessory specifications may vary from country to country depending on local laws. Some features and accessories are not available in certain countries. Be aware that many countries prohibit the importation, registration, and/or use of vehicles and accessories not built to their country’s specifications.

Specifications for non-U.S. markets might differ. Buell reserves the right to discontinue models or change specifications at any time without incurring any obligations. Vehicle specifications may vary from country to country depending on laws. Some models are not available in certain countries.

(1) Prices listed are Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices for sale in the United States of America. Prices exclude set-up, title, and licensing and are subject to change. Dealer prices may vary. Additional California fees required. See your dealer for details.

(2) Range is due to adjustable swingarm.

(3) Per SAE J607, North America

All Specifications by Buell Motor Company

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